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What is a junk car?

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What Is A Junk Car?


February 6, 2015

Call 855--484-7676 For Pick UpMany people would called a car that they no longer drive or the car that give them a lot of problem as junk car.

Normally when you say junk car, what do you picture in your mind?
To most people it is a car that has been left on the driveway or on the backyard for a long time with flat tires and collecting dust and rust.
Actually a car can be considered as junk for many reasons.

Definitely when the car is broken beyond repair, for example when the cost to fix the car is more than the value of the car,then it is considered as junk.

This is the case when major breakdown happens such as head gasket on the motor blow up,transmission failure,radiator dry up due to overheat,electronic problems and many more other problems that are expensive to repair.

Also the body of the car that is badly damaged in an accident and is considered as total loss by the insurance company or not worth fixing at all.

In general when the car has no value or little value to the owner, then it is considered as junk.
States or municipal government have the power to declare that the car is junk or salvage.They have their own criteria to do that.

This normally happens to a car that has been involved in a major accident. The insurance company would sell this type of car to a car dealer at a salvage value since the the cost to repair normally exceeded 75% of the current value of the car.

When the car carry a salvage title many states would require an additional inspection on top of the other inspections that is required by the various states in order to register the car and to have it run on the street.

How to get cash for your junk car?

Let say there is a car on your property that has not run for years and sometimes you doubt whether the car could even crank or start.

The simple solution is to sell off the car to a car dealer that offer cash for your junk car.
However there are many other factors that need to be looked at when making a decision to get rid off the old car whether it is running or not.

The first thing to consider is the year,make and model of the car. Of course a newer model would definitely worth more even if the vehicle is a complete junk.

There are people that buy old car for “project car”. They buy the car to work on as a hobby. For example they would completely change the whole engine and rebuild the whole body.

They are many people who are loyal to a certain brand or make of the car and would be willing to spend time and money to work on the car as a hobby.

In this case you could get a good price for your car especially if you have the kind of car that they were looking for. These are people that are passionate about cars and are not afraid to spend their money.

Second if you have the car that could be considered as classic car then it will have a lot more value even if it is an old junkie.

You can join the classic car forum on the internet to get the idea how much your car might worth.You never know you could have a treasure on your driveway or backyard.

Other alternative is of course to contact a junk car dealer or local junk yard that buy old or damage car for cash.
How and where to sell your junk car?
First of all again it depends on what kind of car you have.If your car is still decent looking,no body damage,no rust and it is just the mechanical or electrical problem then somebody might still willing to pay a good price on that.

You could list the car on a craiglist or ebay motor.Explain the condition of your car so that people can expect what they are looking for.

Since these two sites have millions of visitors chances that you could get a good price for your car is great.

You could also put your car in classified advertisement on the internet or your local papers.Some are free and some will charge just a small amount of fee for you to run the advertisement.

Who will pick up your junk car for cash?

If your car is not drive able or could not even start then you should clearly explain the condition in your advertisement.

That way the buyer know what to expect and they can get ready with the tow truck when they come to pick up your vehicle.

Most people who agree to buy your car would be willing to pay for the tow charges if they really like your car or you could work out a deal to pay for the charges or taken out from the car price.

If you cannot sell your car to public then a local junk yard or junk car removal service is happy to give you free towing and some amount of cash for your car.

That way you can clear the car from your property and at the same time get cash for your junk car.

How to sell a car for parts?

They are people who are only interested to buy some parts from your car instead of the whole car.

There are many people who are looking for just car stereos. If you have a high quality stereos it could worth a lot of money.

There are many parts that could worth a lot of money .According to AutoPartsWarehouse.com the top ten most purchased auto parts are radiator, shock absorder and strut assembly,catalytic converter,brake pad set,brake disc,fuel pump and control arm.

So if your car just have body damage and all other parts are still in good condition, you could definitely sell the car parts instead of the whole car.

Junk car removal

There are many services that would tow away your unwanted car free. Some services would even tow away a car that do not have a title. They would tow all kind of vehicles such as cars big or small.

There are companies that provide service nationwide. Almost anywhere you are in the United States and Canada.

By getting your junk car removed you are also contributing to the environment by keeping it clean and healthy.

By recycling your car, you are also providing steel and metal industries materials and resources for their products.

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